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TECH PACK RELEASE The Nike Tech Pack collection is designed and developed both to use for sports and leisure activities. Combining Nikes most advanced technologies and mix it up with modern and contemporary designs and patterns. The collection consists of both tops and shoes, for women and men. The tech fleece used though out the collection is made to use the heat from your body and store it in your garment to keep you warm at all times.

Nike got its name of today in 1972 but was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports in Beaverton, Oregon. Founders Bill Bowerman & Philip Knight first design was the Waffle Trainer & they have since then put out too many classic models to mention. These classic models and Nike's smart sponsorship and marketing has made them the worlds largest footwear brand. The famous swoosh logo, which adorns nearly all of Nike's shoes, is a sign of quality and design perfection.
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