How to measure


We measure all items before we put them on the site. We recommend that you compare the measurements on the site with an item that you already own if you are unsure on which size to order.

  • 1. Waist (x2) - It´s the size of your waist that is important for this one.
  • 2. Length - It´s the length of the leg from the crotch down to the foot.
  • 3. Foot width (x2) - It´s how big the foot opening is.
  • 4. Chest (x2) - We measure it from armpit to armpit and multiply it by 2.
  • 5. Length - We measure the length from shoulder down to the end.
  • 6. Arm - We measure it from the armpit to the end of the arm.
  • 7. Sunglasses - Width
  • 8. Sunglasses - Height
  • 9. Sunglasses - Length

Note: All measurements are in centimetres.
Feel free to contact our customer service if you have any further questions regarding sizes!