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A couple of weeks back we teamed up with fashion profile Moei (@moeialdebis) on a shoot together with photographer Niklas Nyman (@niklasnyman). We took the time to ask him some questions while we were at it;



1. Tell us about you! Who are you and what do you do!

As an entrepreneur, I run the blog since 2010 where I write about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. My interest in fashion means that I am in constant development as a stylist & fashion profile. On top of that I also take assignments as a model and other creative assignments from time to time.

2. When did your fashion interest start?

My interest in fashion started at an early age. My mother liked to buy new clothes and style me and my siblings. I got a lot of compliments on the way I dressed at school, and it meant a lot to me as I had a tough period during my schooling. I no longer felt invisible and came up with a new look every day.

The older you get, the more you find your style. I started buying my own clothes and styled myself. Experimenting with clothes was and still is the best thing I know. Being able to express your feelings through clothes are less scary than talking about them.

I am a creative soul who loves to be creative in styling.

3. What's your go-to outfit?

Long and wide jeans, a pair of black boots (with heels) and something knitted. Then adding a super long coat.


4. What's your best styling tips?

A pair of really good shoes, here we are talking about daring to spend money on one pair (or more) of good shoes.

Build your wardrobe with basics, good underwear and avoid fast fashion.

Clothes are personal, so you have to dare to experiment until you find what you like, you never know until you try something. Test in order to find your style; layer upon layer, mix different materials, dare to mix colors etc.

Of course it's beautiful that we have the internet, take advantage of it by following different fashion designers and creatives to get inspiration etc. At the same time when you support their work.