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6 Inch Premium Waterproof Wheat Nubuck

Category: Shoes
Sub Category: Boots
Department: Kids
Color: Orange
Item no: 06074-00
Supplier no: TB0127097131

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Product description

Timberland 6IN Premium Wheat Nubuck

These are some of the most iconic boots from Timberland, made of genuine nubuck leather which is very exclusive and looks similar to suede. They come in a nice yellowish colour and they are very durable with decorative and practical laces on the front.

Exclusive nubuck leather

Timberland boots are worn by all sorts of people - even big celebrities like Kanye West are known to wear these stylish shoes. This pair is a must for those looking for quality shoes with a great design. They are made of a sturdy nubuck leather with a padded edge and a rough rubber sole.

The classic Timberland boot

Timberland 6IN is a classic boot with a timeless design that you can wear with most clothing styles. If you want a casual but trendy outfit you can wear them with a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and a plaid shirt over it. You can also add a stylish leather jacket if you want to complete the look.

Shoes need love

If you take good care of your Timberland boots, they will last for a long time and protect your feet for many years. You can keep the boots clean with a soft shoe brush and you can also impregnate them before first use for better protection against water and dirt.