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Check out our next CALI FAM presentation, this time with DUBBEL DUBBEL; a new asian restaurant in Stockholm by our community friends Matthias Sjödin (Kingsize Magazine) and Peter “Skåne Larsson. Not only do they serve a lot of Chinese specials but we also collaborate on a drink! -Meet the “GIN & YUZU”. A must, if you are +18, and visit town this summer!

When did you open? Whats the story?

Dubbel Dubbel opened the week that the government took away all restrictions for the pandemic. A lot of hustle, hard work to get ready to serve the neighbourhood that had been waiting for over two years for our Dim Sum, fresh drinks and big Tsingtaos!



How would you describe Dubbel Dubbel with 3 words?

Everything is lit!



What is your personal background?

That is a long answer haha, to make the story short me ( Matthias ) and Tomas have been working together for over fifteen years, me on Kingsize and Tomas in different marketing manager roles. Me and ”Skåne” are friends from the hiphop community in Sweden and we also founded NFL-podden together almost ten years ago.

Why did you choose this part of town (describe this new buzzing Hagastan).

It`s the future of the inner city of Sthlm, right now it might look like construction site everywhere but soon we will have a city park, many more resturants and a busy busy city life. The people that live around here are very international and a lot of international offices and cool companys are on the block.



What’s your must have on the menu?

The tasting menus and of course the Chongqing! The fried Tofu from Hunan is a favorite and the fun with duck. We also have a lot of great Vegan/Vegetarian choices.



What's your number one seller for Take Away?

The meat Bento box and the Chongqing are really popular.

What’s your favorite drink on the menu?

The Frozen Mandarin Margarita on a hot day and of course our new Gin & Yuzu collabo with you guys.



We are so happy to launch the signature Caliroots drink, the “CALIROOTS GIN & YUZU”, how did this come about?

Andreas, founder of Caliroots got together with us to create this Cali meets Japan fusion with a nod to a certain hip hop legendary song, a mix of GIN, soda and the japanese Yuzu citrus juice, perfect for the summer.



What music or artist gives the best vibe for a fun boozy dinner at Dubbel Dubbel? You got a Spotify playlist to share?

We are all three of us all about Classic Rap and Reggae/Dancehall so that is what we play all day and all nite. No playlist, we are rotating the duty of being DJ:s 😊

Why should you come to Dubbel Dubbel?

If you like asian food and nice vibes we are the place for you. We offer great tasting and affordable food to share with your friends. We have something for everyone.



You have a full vegan menu as an option, was this important to you?

Yes. Everyone should feel welcome at Dubbel Dubbel. We love vegan food and the asian flavours, vegetables makes it so fresh, crispy, hot and healthy.




And finally; anything exciting happening this summer that you want to share with us?

We are planning some really cool and never seen before events together with Tsingtao Beer in August. Stay tuned!