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2976 Chelsea Black

Category: Shoes
Sub Category: Boots
Department: Men women
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Product description

Dr Martens 2976 Chelsea Black

Dr Martens is a brand known for high quality, stylish boots. The idea behind the brand came from the founder Klaus Marten who wanted to improve his army boots. This is why the company today is often associated with the working class and punk. Dr Martens 2976 Chelsea Black is not the brand’s typical boot. This very nice pair is the classy Chelsea model with flexible elastic sides instead of the original boot’s long laces. These shoes have rounded toes and the standard loop on the heel.

Durable and high quality materials

Dr Martens 2976 Chelsea are made of leather, which might feel a bit stiff and hard at first but will eventually conform to your feet. The more you use them the sooner they will adapt and get the perfect feel. This leather creates a very polished and neat surface that makes this shoe so great for many different occasions. The soles are made of rubber and sealed by both heat and sewing. This gives the shoes amazing durability and it will also let your feet breathe and ventilate.

How to style your boots

Dr Martens was usually mostly associated with punk clothing styles but over the years this brand has adapted many other styles as well. If you are looking for a sleek shoe that will give you that well-dressed appearance while still looking cool then this is the shoe for you. Wear your Dr Martens Chelsea boots with ripped jeans and a nice cardigan or dress up more elegant in a suit or some nice trousers. This is a useful and unique boot made from durable materials.

Care for your Dr Martens boots

As long as you take good care of your Dr Martens boots they will last a very long time. Purchasing a few shoe care products is a great way to start. These boots are made of leather and need a special treatment every once in a while. If you want them to look nice and shiny you can easily polish them up with a cloth, brush and shoe conditioner. To protect your boots from salt, dirt, rain and the like, which can stain the leather and make it look dull, you should use some waterproofing spray to create a good protective shield.