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8329R Authentics Teddy Fleece Wheat

Category: Shoes
Product Type: Boots
Department: Women
Color: Brown
Item no: 23138-00
SupplIer no: TB08329R2311

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Product description

Timberland 8329R Authentics Teddy Fleece Wheat

These high shaft Timberland boots are very warm and fashionable for all kinds of women. You can fold these shoes for a different look while keeping a nice appearance. The inner lining is made of fleece which is perfect for all outdoor activities and they are comfortable to walk around in all day. These comfortable boots are great for trendy women that care about style and fit. The quality of Timberland shoes will not disappoint you.

Stylish shoes to wear in the city or the woods

These Timberland shoes are great for outdoor activities and fit nicely in many different situations and with all kinds of outfits. They are appropriate to wear if you take a walk in the woods, in the city or the country side. They are made of leather which is water repellant and will protect your feet from getting cold and damp. The midsole has comfortable cushioning for increased comfort.

Practical shoes with a nice design

These chic boots are perfect for walking around in the city browsing different store windows or possibly going for a long beautiful nature walk. The warm inner lining makes it possible to wear these shoes through autumn and winter which is great if you need a shoe that will keep you safe through all kinds of weather conditions. These shoes also come in a great colour which is easy to match with different clothes and styles.

Taking good care of your shoes

These nice Timberland shoes are suited for a nature walk as well as casual days on the town and they are easy to take care of. If you notice any dirt or superficial stains you can brush these off with a soft brush. You can also use a damp cloth with some soap to get rid of deeper stains and specific shoe care products to keep them fresh and make them last longer.