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All Star Canvas Hi Optical White

Category: Shoes
Sub Category: Sneakers
Department: Men women
Color: White
Item no: 24596-00
Supplier no: M7650C

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Product description

Converse All Star Canvas Hi Optical White

Converse All Star Canvas Hi Optical White is the perfect spring and summer shoe. Converse is a world-famous shoe company best known for its Chuckies, the white fabric shoe that was a huge success when it arrived. All Star Canvas Hi Optical is a classic shoe model that should be in every individual's wardrobe. The shoes' stylish and classic design is excellent to wear for all different occasions and works perfectly with a pair of jeans. Despite the fact that All Star Canvas Hi Optical are fabric shoes, the shoes are of very high quality and have a comfortable fit.

Germans of the highest quality

From the beginning of his career, Converse has focused on cloth shoes with a proper rubber sole. The shoes were so successful and kept such a high quality that basketball professional Chuck Taylor started using the shoes. The rubber sole itself gives the foot a comfortable shock absorption and the fabric provides greater flexibility than, for example, leather shoes. With stylish and practical holes in the side of the shoes, the feet also get comfortable ventilation. If you want extra shock absorption or if you want a tighter fit, you can always put an extra sole inside the shoe. Many people put in a warmer sole to broaden the area of use of the shoes so that they work even in the autumn.

No shoe wears jeans in a better way

Converse All Star has been immensely popular since it was first introduced to the public. The shoes' simple design and comfortable fit have made them the first choice regardless of the occasion. The white canvas shoes carry a pair of jeans better than any other shoe. Match the shoes with jeans, leather or patterned textile and find your own style. Converse associates many with spring and summer and perhaps they still fit best with the denim shorts or summer dress. In order not to be overdressed, a pair of All Star Canvas Hi Optical can fit perfectly with a pair of more stylish chinos and a shirt.

Easy to care for your Converse

Converse are comfortable fabric shoes that you can wear most of the year. Unfortunately, white cloth shoes get dirty easily, but fortunately it is incredibly easy to clean your All Star when needed. If you have minor stains, it may be enough to use soap or detergent and lukewarm water to clean the shoes. Since the shoes have no lining, you can rinse the entire shoe under the tap. Air dry the shoes after you have washed them so that the glue does not come off. If you have coarser stains that are difficult to remove, you can wash the shoes in the washing machine. In that case, remove the shoelaces and only run at about 30-40 degrees.

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