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Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Navy

Category: Shoes
Sub Category: Sneakers
Department: Men women
Color: Blue
Item no: 04764-10
Supplier no: M9622C

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Product description

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Navy

Few shoes are as classic as this shoe model from Converse. In fact, the Chuck Taylor All Star is one of the world's best-selling shoes. Like many of the other shoes that belong to the exclusive crowd, the shoes were launched as basketball shoes first, before they took the step out to the public.

Canvas - a durable fabric material

Converse are also known for using the fabric material canvas for their shoes. This material is durable and can be dyed in many different colors. At the front of the shoes there is also a rubber cover that protects the toes. The shoes can be used by both boys and girls without any problems.

Classic shoes for a cool style

Few shoes fit as many different styles as a pair of stylish shoes from Converse. Whether you want a cool and rocking style or a well-dressed and neat outfit, you can use these shoes. The neutral blue color is also easy to match.

Cloth shoes and care

The best way to take care of cloth shoes is by being careful. If they get dirty, use a cloth and some water to get rid of the dirt.

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