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A couple of weeks back we teamed up with Stockholm based stylist Richard Ntege (@monsieurrichy), we took the time to ask him some questions at the same time;

When did your interest for fashion start to grow?

I've always liked dressing up, but got a bigger respect for fashion when I got able to the behind work for fashion shows. Then I got to model for a dear friend of mine, Kevin Mukuri, and decided to study the history of fashion, to have a greater understanding.



Tell us more about your jewellery brand SIADDS ATELIER (@siadds.atelier)!

SIADDS ATELIER got born during Covid and was supposed to be a clothing brand. But working as a stylist, I see clothes from monday to monday. So i thought: ”what dont I see on a regular basis? ”Plus, I already had a genuine interest in jewelry. So starting a jewelry brand was obvious after some time.



What’s your best styling tips?

Experiment with colors and make it talk in different contexts & environments. That's makes its relatable and more unique.



What’s your best purchase?

Id probably say a pair of vintage leather pants I bought in Copenhagen during Fashion Week & a mohair cardigan by Marni from my friend Qhris