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Category: Shoes
Sub Category: Boots
Department: Men women
Color: Black
Item no: 06691-00
Supplier no: 14045001

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Product description

Dr Martens 1460 Vegan Black

Dr Martens produces classic shoes with amazing durability. They also make boots with high quality materials for those who don’t want to wear genuine leather products. Dr Martens 1460 Vegan Black is an example of this: it is a beautiful shoe made of durable synthetic leather.

Durable synthetic leather

Dr Martens is known around the world for producing durable and stylish shoes and these boots have a very tough design. They are made of a nice synthetic leather that is just as durable as shoes made of genuine leather.

Comfortable sole and Goodyear technology

These Dr Martens boots are very comfortable to wear thanks to a special sole with very nice and soft cushioning. The brand uses Goodyear technology to secure the outer sole to the shoe and you can see the characteristic yellow seam on the bottom of the shoe.

Synthetic leather doesn't need much care

These shoes do not need a lot of care but you can use a damp cloth whenever you need to clean them. If the stains are more difficult to remove you can use a mild soap solution and gently scrub. Avoid using shoe care products meant for genuine leather because this is a synthetic material that should be treated with completely different products.