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Arizona Soft Regular Black

Category: Shoes
Sub Category: Sandals
Department: Men women
Color: Black
Item no: 07299-00
Supplier no: 551251

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Product description

Birkenstock Arizona Soft Black

Birkenstock is a well-known brand that has been around for a long time. They offer high quality shoes, with a very special design and great fit. Most people probably have a pretty clear image of Birkenstock because their shoes are different from others and have made a mark in the shoe industry. Their shoes are great for summer and spring because they have open shoes which you can wear both inside and outside. Birkenstock Arizona Soft Black is a classic and it’s very practical to keep a pair of these at home.

Cushioned sole and nice leather straps

Birkenstock Arizona is the brand’s most well-known and talked-about model. It has two leather straps and these are easy to adjust if you want to make them either larger or smaller to fit your foot. The sole is made of cork and this is one of Birkenstock’s special characteristics. There is also a middle layer to provide extra cushioning and make the shoes even more comfortable to wear.

Birkenstock Arizona's never go out of style

Birkenstock Arizona’s can be worn with most clothes. You can wear anything from a nice summer dress to ripped jeans or a pair of shorts if you want to show off some leg. It’s a great shoe when it’s hot outside because it’s open which means your feet can enjoy a nice breeze. These shoes won’t tire out your feet, as they have a wonderful fit and nice supportive cushioning.

Birkenstock care advice

To be able to wear your Birkenstocks year after year, you should avoid rain and mud. Because these are made of synthetic leather and cork and they have an open design, you should preferably wear them in dry conditions. The leather itself can be cared for with suitable shoe care products or just wiped clean with a damp cloth.