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Moose Black Matte

Category: Accessories
Sub Category: Sunglasses
Department: Men women
Item no: 51322-00
Supplier no: MOOSE

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Product description

WeSC Moose Black Matte

WeSC has long been known for manufacturing shoes, clothing and accessories of the highest quality, both in terms of design and layout. The company, whose name is an abbreviation of We are the Superlative Conspiracy, has really put Sweden on the map with the help of its original shoes, clothes and accessories. Of course, we know that WeSC Moose Black Matte are not sneakers. By putting the sunglasses in the shopping basket together with a pair of shoes from WeSC, you have the start of a great outfit.

Organic material and lenses from Zeiss

These handmade sunglasses are the result of a long collaboration between WeSC and the prestigious Retrosuperfuture brand from Italy. In this case, WeSC is responsible for the design of the sunglasses, while Retrosuperfuture is responsible for the manufacture. Retrosuperfuture is a brand that is popular with many celebrities and artists. Together they have created a pair of sunglasses of the highest quality. The matte black sunglasses have many beautiful metal details and nice shapes. WeSC Moose Black Matte are made of a plastic material called acetate. This material is made using cotton and wood pulp. Glasses made of acetate can not withstand too high temperatures and also get a white coating over time. This can be polished off if you want. These glasses have lenses from the well-known lens manufacturers Carl Zeiss. The German company is also known for manufacturing world-class camera lenses. The lenses have a coating that protects the eyes from UV rays and ensures that you can see even when the sun shines brightly against the eyes. This gives the sunglasses a UVA and UVB certification.

A stylish accessory

WeSC Moose Black Matte are glasses that are suitable for both boys and girls. The beautiful details and the stylish matte black color mean that you can easily use the sunglasses for many types of styles. Fits just as well to a casual t-shirt and jeans as they do to a nice shirt and nice pants. Be sure to match sunglasses with a pair of stylish shoes from WeSC to really get to the style. You can find many different shoes and sneakers for both boys and girls and stylish glasses will be the finishing touch.

Take care of your sunglasses

The glasses come with a microfiber cloth. Use it to wash the glasses easily. You also get a spectacle bag in which you can store sunglasses when not in use.