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For CALI FAM #04 we catch up with well known Stockholm DJ Håll Käften Och Dansa. Not only being a great DJ and setting the vibes, Gabbi is also contributing to a more inclusive party-scene, so keep an eye out for future projects on her instagram @hallkaftenochdansa!

Thotland - what's your connection / background?

Thotland is the epitome of swedish club music sound. The rave collective initially started out to create a safe space for non-conforming identities to thot it out in to the best possible club sounds in the eariness of swedish forests, but quickly gained massive local traction as the event of the summer. As a reaction to the lack of representation and initiatives for PoCs in the Swedish raving scene, the duo Håll Käften Och Dansa and NORAH decided to arrange what would soon become the biggest rave initiative for the one’s who has ever felt alien or left outside alone, to the tunes of the hardest hitting non-static sounds in the most euphoric settings. Known for their heavy-named curating aswell as their own leftfield urban genre-bending sounds, expect the unexpected and come and thot it out.



Tell us about your background as a DJ and when you started.

I started DJing 14 years ago in a female DJ collective and today I run my own company. I’ve been recording music from radio on cassette tapes and burning my own CDs since I was a kid though, so the passion for music has always been very present in my life.

I early realized that me engaging in DJs rights (and womens obviously) was something that would be manifested throughout my work when curating events.

To always have the goal to create a scene and music experience that includes and welcomes everyone. And now I can’t see myself doing something else.



What is your most memorable DJ session?

This is such a hard question to answer, there’s been many. But maybe when we played at a Swedish festival in Thailand, or that time we spontaneous flew from NYC to Virginia after a night out to join our friend on his DJ tour. But a full circle gig is when I’m playing together with one of the DJs I was a mentor to many years ago.



What is your best tip to survive a festival weekend?

Eat food and drink water. Like loads of both. Or else you won’t have energy to experience the festival. And dress accordingly, don’t forget a raincoat. Wow I’m apparently a festival mom.



What are you up to this autumn?

Summer is a hectic season work wise for me, so I’m hopefully going to work in a healthy pace. But you’ll see our projects all around Stockholm, I’ll promise to keep you posted on my IG.



Top 3 songs at the moment?

Ghetto boy - Yesterday

Cruel Santino - Heating Rocks

Ragz Originale, Benjiflow, Oscar #Worldpeace, Minikingz - Iced out Summer