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Last month we teamed up with model Florian Alexander (@florianalexander_) on a shoot together with stylist Richard Ntege (@monsieurrichy) and production agency Blonde. Florian is not only a model but also a great inspiration with his personal style. His own styling tips are something that identifies his style and we really like the way he works with layering and unpredictable details to his outfits.

We did a small interview with him;

When did your interest for fashion start to grow?

Fashion was a natural thing to me. It was just one of those things that helped me be an individual - I’m bad with words so clothes for me became how I could express myself.


Do you have a favorite work you’ve done during your modeling career?

I have many favorites, but if I could pick one then it would have to be Yeezy Season 6. Anyone that knows me, knows how much Kanye means to me, so that moment for me was just a way for God to tell me to dream bigger.


What's your best styling tips?

Be unpredictable,original, complex and multilayered.


What’s your worst and best purchase?

When I was around 9 years I got around 2000kr from my dad to pay for a church summer camp, but went and bought my first Jordans - I remember that it was the best feeling in the world but also the worst, because I didn’t know what to tell my dad.