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We teamed up with ODALISQUE MAGAZINE to meet with Zacharias Zachrisson (Vacation Forever, Tussilago) who is the man behind the pseudonym YIKES, debuting with a new Britpop-infused sound. Ahead of the next single dropping on 3rd of February we took the time to ask him some questions!

Tell us about YIKES, how did it start?

I'm getting older and I’ve been doing the same kind of emo based indie music for a long time. Sometimes I felt like it wasn’t me 100 percent cause I had a lot of energy running loose in my body and I’m talking about a more upbeat energy that needs to come out and I didn’t get that out from my body before when playing live...I want to jump up and down tearing apart the stage and that shit needs a different energy and that energy is yikes!


What made you take the decision to move on from Vacation Forever and Tussilago?



Tell us about your first single “Not that bad”

Not that bad is a journal of a 30 plus something guy with a beer belly still trying to be something not really succeeding but after all, it’s not that bad, you know?



Tell us about your second single "Five Days in a Coma"

When I was younger I went to Barcelona a lot of skating and between the skating, We partied a lot and I mean a lot. It was a buffet of drugs and 24h partying like 5 days in a coma…sound kind of dark and maybe it was if you read between the lines but I didn’t back then when I was 16 so it was just straight up being a skate rat and living for the day sounds cliche..and maybe it is but that’s how to feel when looking back on when I heard the beat in the studio my subconscious went to MACBA ( MACBA is the most famous skate spot in Barcelona) in Barcelona skating and partying with my friends, it’s not more complicated than that.


What’s your go-to outfit?

Adidas tracksuit jacket, white shirt, and a black tie, and a pair of superstars.


Favorite live performance?

Every time I play.


2023 - what’s happening?

Embody my visions and dreams that I had in 2022 and go for it 110%.